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...Cooler Than Being Cool

Christian, artist, youth-worker...this blog contains mainly fangirling over the Avengers, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr. Doctor Who, Sherlock, LotR, Pretty things and books/films.

Enter at your own risk.

My Dearest Followers

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I have a new blog! I originally created it as one I can be a little more open on, mainly about who I am, but managing both accounts has been harder than expected, so I have decided to move permanently over to the new one (it’s cleaner and more organised than this one :P) 

So if you are following me and would like to continue doing so, my new account is 

I usually follow back, depending on what you post :)

You’re so perfect, not even a cyberman could upgrade you.

(Sorry for being a day late. Happy Valentine’s day!) 


At your side, like I always am.



I still believe in heroes.

Best Avengers GIF set ever!




Updates from the Supernatural fandom.

Or a good metaphorical representation of the inside of Dean’s head. I’d like to think that the second he bumped into that table IRL is when his straight side pulled a table-flip.


#I feel like this is also how gaius does medicine

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Doctor Who + Merlin AU

No one has lost so much as The Doctor, so when Merlin tells him he has lost Arthur, all that The Doctor can think about is how he’s not going to let that happen.


Honest Trailer - The Lord of the Rings (x)

No matter how many notes this gets


I will go on everyones blog, i will look at your posts, your blog type, your pictures of yourself if you happen to have any, and anything else. I will look through it and i will put in your ask a description as if you were a character in a book.. How i would describe you from my own personal opinion.

Likes wont count just reblogs

(it will not be on anon so you will know it’s me)

..starting this Feb 4th and i will do them every time i go online no matter how many notes

Yes, I am Home
Home is when I’m alone with you.

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Thanks for the adventure...